Nakiuk Mens 1242 Beaver Fur Boots - B07658SBMH

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  • Handmade

  • 100% rubber sole

  • High quality beaver fur

  • Memory foam, removable liner

  • 6 black leather eyelet tabs per boot

  • Front closer with ABS

  • Beaver fur is appreciated for its resistance in extreme cold and strong winds. Fur is warmer than seal and cow. What is the average lifespan of a pair of Nakiuk fur boots? Use and care precautions will make the difference. In normal condition use, this product will offer you a high quality performance for many years. On the other hand, this product is not made for working. Therefore, its life will be shortened if it is use for farming or lumber works, for instance. Remember that these boots are made from natural materials and friction may wear it out. Contact with petroleum products affects the soles components. Why wearing nylon socks instead of wool socks in my Nakiuk boots? The Nakiuk technology completely manages moisture in our fur boots and is made to evacuate it. Thus, for maximum thermal performance from your fur boots, we highly recommend that you wear socks made of nylon components without wool or cotton. How do Nakiuk foam liners stand out? Nakiuk foam liner is one of its kinds. Many different types of foam compositions exist. The majority is identified as having a memory which returns to its initial shape when pressure is removed. This occurs because mini air bubbles that make up the foam are linked together.Nakiuk foam has a memory for each use, not after the use. Mini air bubbles are not linked to one another. The result is a clearly superior insulation. It is not easy for the consumer to detect this detail in store, however, after many comments, we can state that if the foam liner is not marked Nakiuk, it is simply not a Nakiuk quality. Are Nakiuk boots water resistant? Nakiuk products undergo a process repelling water and can be exposed to snow-melting temperatures. Please note that our products are not made for a high water-resistant rating at mild temperatures. They are made to face the cold. They are natural fur products that maximize moisture release.

    Nakiuk Mens 1242 Beaver Fur Boots - B07658SBMH